Software QA

Software QA

Testing is about defect detection, Quality Assurance is about defect prevention.

Software QA Services

Minds Solvit has vast experience in providing software testing services to clients from all over the world. Since 2013, Minds Solvit continues to provide world-class software testing solutions through strategic testing and QA services from the industry’s most talented team.

If you want your software to take a leading position in the IT market place you must be sure that it is tested in a strategic way using the industry's best tools. Minds Solvit can help you with the most appropriate software QA services, our experienced testers will accomplish the task in an efficient way.

We follow a dedicated team model which means that it works thoroughly with its specific goals and objectives to deliver the best of software QA services. Some of our areas of expertise include Cloud Solutions, Healthcare IT, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Billing, Education and Academics , we are also capable of taking up QA services for new business verticals.

What we have to offer you?

  • Independent testing services to validate your IT Products
  • Quality Assurance with high accuracy
  • Delivering end 2 end testing solutions for your business applications
  • We provide innovative testing solutions using emerging technologies
  • Helping you to keep your products competitive with cost effective solutions identified by QA

Test Process Assessment

Assessment of the quality of the product is a prerequisite for its successful stint. Our panel of experts review your unique selling points and formulate a Test Process which covers all the functional aspects of your Product. A well documented issue provides insightful details into improving the sustainability of the Application.

Software Testing

Testing is crucial where the sustainability of the product is ensured. Stability of a product depends on its ability to sustain and withstand every possible valid or invalid customer action, a well developed scenario based assessment of the product gives you leverage against your competitors. QA Analysts at MINDS are firm-on in ensuring a Bug free product reaches your customers.

Performance Analysis

Sloppy code causes serious performance issues even with the fastest machines. Our Performance Analysis team can help you locate the Algorithmic and Logical setbacks which have managed to sneak in your existing Application. A steadfast product ensures better customer response and inturn a good business.